Governance and Leadership


As an independent school, Southpointe Academy is a not-for-profit organization, existing under the Societies Act of British Columbia. Registered as the Tsawwassen Independent School Society (“the Society”), the school is governed by a volunteer Board of Governors. The Board’s mission is to support the mission of the school by taking viability-focused action on behalf of the next generation of students.

Southpointe’s Board of Governors is responsible for developing and executing our Strategic Plan and hold fiduciary responsibility for the financial management of the school. The Board supports and collaborates with the Head of School and the Leadership Team to advance policy direction, ensuring that the School meets its strategic objectives. As outlined in our Strategic Plan, the Board’s work is guided by the following key pillars:

Academic Programme - Prepare students for success in the mid-21st century 
Investigate and determine the best graduation programme that prepares students for success in university, career and citizenship.

Student Programmes - Learn, lead and succeed in a global world
Extend student learning outside the classroom to develop globally responsible citizens.

Community - Honour and strengthen our unique community
Southpointe will honour our unique strength of community through a sense of belonging, shared values and culture of connectedness.

Master Campus Panning - Enhance spaces for lifelong learning
Develop a long-term master campus plan that enriches the educational vision and values of Southpointe.

Financial Strength - Sustain success through financial stewardship
Develop a strategic financial plan that sustains and enhances the success of Southpointe.

Fundraising - Embrace the spirit of giving
Develop a culture of philanthropy.


Our mission at Southpointe Academy is to involve, instruct and inspire our students to learn, lead and succeed. Our Senior Leadership Team channels decades of experience at K-12 schools in Canada, the US and abroad to accomplish this mission; they serve as the infrastructure connecting all departments with the Head of School.

Head of School: Gordon MacIntyre
Senior School Principal (Grade 10-12): Gordon Cogan
Middle School Principal (Grade 6-9): Cori Kusel
Middle & Senior School Vice-Principal (Grade 6-12): Christine Yang
Junior School Principal (Grade K-5): Coralie MacIntyre
Junior School Vice-Principal (Grade K-5): Smita Karam
Director of Athletics (Grade K-12): Graham Bonar

Director of Finance and Operations: Mino Padda
Director of Admissions: Tobin Hammerberg
Director of Advancement: Stacey Kahn
Human Resources Manager: Onieka Brown
Events & Facilities Manager: Vicki Dodwell

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