Governance and Leadership

daphne hodgins, board chair

Daphne Hodgins, Board Chair


As an independent school, Southpointe Academy is a not-for-profit organization, existing under the Societies Act of British Columbia. Registered as the Tsawwassen Independent School Society (“the Society”), the school is governed by a volunteer Board of Governors. The Board’s mission is to support the mission of the school by taking viability-focused action on behalf of the next generation of students.


Daphne Hodgins, Chair
Will Westeringh, Vice Chair
James Leung, Treasurer
Greg Umbach, Secretary
Kelly Bahi
Jonathan Jeske
Cindy Laschuk
Janette Pantry
Bob Semple
Rocky Sethi
Rob Taylor
Jessica Whyte
Gordon MacIntyre, Head of School (non voting)

Southpointe’s Board of Governors is responsible for developing and executing our Strategic Plan, and strategic financial plan, and holds a fiduciary responsibility for the financial management of the school. The Board supports and collaborates with the Head of School and the Leadership Team to advance policy direction, ensuring that the School meets its strategic objectives. As outlined in our Strategic Plan, the Board’s work is guided by the following key pillars:

Linking Vision to Strategy

We will communicate clearly and effectively to Southpointe students, families and the broader community about who we are and what we do. The members of the Southpointe community will understand, and will be guided by, our Mission, Vision, Values, and the Profile of a Southpointe Graduate. The Southpointe community will become stronger and more vibrant.

Teaching and Learning

We will enhance our education and learning programs to ensure that our students are fully prepared for challenging post secondary programs, and life beyond Southpointe. The school will continue to focus on the recruitment, development and retention of an outstanding faculty.

New Infrastructure

We have divided long-term planning of building and physical plant needs into short-and-medium-term timelines. This will allow Southpointe to focus on an intelligently planned future. We will work towards our long-term facility goals, but with the flexibility to modify those goals as the school develops.

Financial Sustainability

Our school operates with sound business practices to ensure financial viability, while providing high value for service. We will implement a diversified revenue generation strategy, which supports our growth.

Much of the work in achieving these goals is done by the Board’s committees, each of which is chaired by a Governor. Committee members can include Governors, staff members and non-Board members, as appropriate. The following Committees meet regularly, report their activity to the Board, and make recommendations to the Board for approval:

  • Executive Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Advancement Committee
  • Head Support & Evaluation Committee
  • Risk Management Committee
  • Special Projects Committee
  • Ad hoc committees may also be struck, as needed

The Board meets regularly between September and June.


Our mission at Southpointe Academy is to involve, instruct and inspire our students to learn, lead and succeed. Our Senior Management Team channels decades of experience at K-12 schools in Canada, the US and abroad to accomplish this mission; they serve as the infrastructure connecting all departments with the Head of School.

Head of School: Gordon MacIntyre 
Director of Finance and Operations: Mino Padda
Director of Admissions: Tobin Hammerberg
Director of Advancement
Senior School Principal: Gordon Cogan
Junior School Principal: Paul Ketko
Senior School Vice Principal: Cori Kusel
Director of Athletics and Alumni Relations: Rob McCall
Director of Technology: Vincent Jansen
Human Resources Coordinator: Onieka Brown
Events & Facilities Manager: Vicki Dodwell

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Board structured?

Per our Bylaws, a maximum of 12 members comprises Southpointe’s Board of Governors, all of whom are elected by the Society. The Society, in turn, is comprised of current and past members of the Board. Elected Governors may serve up to three consecutive three-year terms. The Chair and Vice Chair each serve two-year terms.

What types of issues are outside the role of the Board?

The Board is not involved with day-to-day school operations, such as bussing, curriculum, student discipline, or building maintenance. These areas, as well as anything else relating to daily school life, remain the sole purview of the Head of School and the Leadership Team.

How is a Governor selected?

The Board is comprised of past and current parents, selected on the basis of their business and community leadership. Applications for membership are considered for members of the Southpointe community who:

  •   Have demonstrated a continued interest in, and support of, the School;
  •   Have had a child enrolled in the School for at least three successive years;
  •   Have maintained continuous good standing in all business dealings with the School.

The election of new Governors takes place at the Society’s Annual General Meeting each November. Upon their election, members of the Board automatically become members of the Society.

Are there additional opportunities for involvement?

At Southpointe Academy we welcome parent participation; there are many opportunities for parent involvement throughout the school community. Parents can become involved either by volunteering their time or supporting our school events. For more information, please consult our Parent Portal.