Student Support

At Southpointe Academy, we endeavour to meet the needs of each individual student, be it academic, personal, or professional. We understand that each young mind possesses unique characteristics that we hope to develop and strengthen. Through the Student Support Programme, we provide students with access to academic learning support as well as social-emotional learning support to ensure their continued success.

Academic Learning Support

Not every student learns in the same way. At Southpointe Academy, we engage with each of our students to ensure they receive a lasting, fulfilling, and effective education. Our teachers care, they are happy to assist our students. In addition, we offer a weekly Peer Tutoring system in which Senior School students assist their Junior and Senior School peers in all subject areas.

For students passionate about specific academic disciplines, we offer a number of co-curricular opportunities; from creative writing to mathematics to literature, physics and science fair. 

Furthermore, we offer academic support to students with learning differences.

Social-Emotional Learning Support

Southpointe Academy employs two school counsellors to promote and enhance the development of the whole student at the Junior and Senior School levels. We apply a preventative and integrative approach to guidance, involving all parties in direct contact with each child.

Our counsellors aim to imbue healthy self-esteem, self-awareness, and sense of responsibility to oneself and others. There are times when students of all ages are challenged and need guidance; we offer a host of resources from which they can learn and grow. We:

  • Provide classroom instruction to develop study skills, time management, self-esteem, goal setting, diversity-training, and career support. 
  • Support parents and families in transition.
  • Provide crisis intervention and response.
  • Facilitate conflict resolution.
  • Support students through confidential one-on-one counselling sessions or group sessions that focus on age-appropriate strategies.
  • Advocate for the academic achievement of all students.
  • Support classroom teachers.
  • Support teachers and families in understanding and addressing behavioural issues.
  • Interpret cognitive, aptitude and achievement tests.
  • Counsel and follow-up with students with a wide range of needs (academic, behavioural, etc.).
  • Address the needs of all students through prevention and intervention.