Visual & Performing Arts

We recognize the importance of the Arts in the life of every student. The positive impact that both visual and performing arts have upon student achievement and well-being is reflected in the opportunities we afford in both the curriculum and extra-curriculum programme. Students in Grades 6 to 9 are offered courses in the visual and performing arts.  Thereafter, most opt to select an art elective during the Graduation Programme. As participants in an acclaimed Arts program, Senior School students demonstrate creativity, dedication, and the ability to effectively collaborate with their peers. We provide outlets for inventive thinking, allowing our students to push the bounds of their imagination.

We value the role the Arts play in producing well-rounded, self-aware, and confident individuals.

Visual Art & Design

southpointe academy art

The Visual Art programme focuses on developing visual literacy. Senior School artists mobilize and amalgamate the core elements and principles of art design imparted during Junior School instruction. With their foundation in image development strategies, we challenge our artists to take creative risks and explore various mediums of expression.

Through a continuing partnership with the South Delta Artists Guild, students have an opportunity to learn from and collaborate with established artists in the community. In addition to formally scheduled art instruction, Senior School students are encouraged to attend drop-in sessions. In late May, the Senior School showcases the fruit of their imagination. We invite you to come and take a look.


southpointe academy theatre

Drama and theatre enables creative exploration. For the theatrically inclined Senior School student, our drama department offers a forum through which to refine both interpersonal skills and process theory. Through an array of transformative exercises, students learn to be articulate both in thought and speech. Acting necessitates peer co-operation and requires personal responsibility. In collectively practising theatrical theory, ‘improv’ exercises, and elements of classical theatre, students develop as individuals.

Through our extra-curricular Senior Theatre Programme, students undertake an annual major production, typically an established piece of theatre that would have had a historical or cultural impact in its time. Each summer, our drama department scours over a dozen plays before selecting an ideal production piece. In the past, students have performed Thornton Wilder’s The Matchmaker, William Shakespeare’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream, Kevin Kerr’s Canadian classic Unity (1918), and a number of musicals. Auditions are open; we encourage all of our students to participate.

In addition, a Middle School production along with a vibrant Improv Club add to the quality offerings throughout the year. In late May, the Theatre Programme’s many talented actors and actresses become writers, directors and producers of their own One Act Plays that play to packed audiences every night.

southpointe academy senior band


With a strong foundation in concert band, Senior School students perform technically challenging pieces of music. Students in Grades 10 through 12 perform together, affording younger musicians with the opportunity to learn from their older peers. Our ensembles not only collaborate within the classroom, but they must also learn to work together on the road. All of our bands travel and compete, with our Senior Concert and elective Jazz Bands having consistently received awards for their performances. At the Kiwanis International Festival, our Concert Band ensembles have not only earned ‘gold standing’ in the past, but have been deemed the most promising in the Lower Mainland.

We are competitive in both the Canadian and American music festival circuit, having received acclamations from both. In the past, our ensembles have received gold ratings at MusicFest Canada, a national competition, and at International competitions in Italy and Croatia. For the past two years, we have earned ‘superior’ ranking at Seattle’s Music in the Park Festival, a competition we attend each May. Our Jazz Band has performed at the Clark College Music Festival in Vancouver, Washington, as well as at Clackamas College in Oregon City. Our success derives from a simple truth: our students truly enjoy the music they produce.

Performances are not merely confined to the road – our bands perform regularly at school assemblies, as well as at our Winter and Spring Concerts.