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Southpointe Academy Careers

Since Southpointe Academy’s first graduating class in 2005, the Titan Alumni community has proudly grown to almost 400 members who have gone on to grace the halls of some of the most renowned and prestigious post-secondary institutions around the world.

Our Titan graduates are making a difference at home and in the world in Sciences, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Arts and Humanities. They are pursuing their passions while learning and leading on their paths to success.

No matter where they are, Southpointe Titans are always glad for a chance to come home to Southpointe Academy. From volunteering as coaches to mentoring Southpointe students through Grad Panels and Career Fairs, Titan Alumni are connecting and giving back to the School in every way possible.

Southpointe Alumni

Southpointe Lifer, Trevor Yu (Class of 2017)

Southpointe Lifer, Trevor Yu, graduated in 2017, and is currently enrolled in a Bachelors of Applied Sciences Biomedical Engineering Honours program with co-op at the University of Waterloo. He placed on the Dean’s List for his academic performance and will soon complete his second year.

Outside of academics, he is a member of e-NABLE, a volunteer network of digital humanitarians that 3D prints prosthetic hands for children. Trevor was the Outreach Executive for the Engineering Ambassadors this past Fall term. The Engineering Ambassadors are a group of students that arranges events for prospective students to get a better sense of the Engineering programs at Waterloo.

As the Titan alumnus is in the co-op program, he was back in BC last May for his first work term. His co-op placement was at the University of British Columbia with a professor in Electrical and Computer engineering. Trevor helped to build cell culture systems for biomedical tissue research.

He stays connected with Southpointe through social media, attending alumni social gatherings, dropping by the school to visit friends, video conferencing with classes to share his university experiences and participates in Southpointe’s Grad Panel.

Inderpreet Gill (Class of 2010)

Southpointe alumni inderpreet gill

After graduating from Southpointe in 2010, Inderpreet went on to attend Queen’s University. While completing her undergraduate studies, she worked as a Research Assistant in various developmental psychology labs, including Queen’s Bully Lab, the Queen’s Infant Cognition Group, and the University of British Columbia Centre for Infant Cognition. She completed her Bachelor of Sciences (Honours) in Psychology in 2016, after which she went on to join the UBC for Cognitive Development as a Summer Research Intern, and stayed on after the internship to continue working on the research study, in addition to returning to the Centre for Infant Cognition.

Under the supervision of the Graduate Researcher and Principle Investigator at the Centre for Cognitive Development, she helped complete the study and co-authored the research paper from her internship. In 2017, she joined the Yale University Infant Cognition Centre as a Summer Intern to further explore her research interests. Since then, she has been working as a Research Coordinator at the Centre for Cognitive Development, and as a Research Assistant with
the Centre for Infant Cognition. Currently, she is designing a new research study, and further exploring her research interests in infant and children’s understanding of their social environments.

News & Updates

Plans are underway for a reunion on the evening of Friday, May 24 for the Alumni Social Gathering at Southpointe. 

This year will mark the 10 year reunion for the Class of 2009 as well as the 5 year Reunion for the Class of 2014.
Alumni Basketball Tournament will be held on Saturday, May 25, 2019  in the Southpointe Academy gym.

If you would like to help organize this year's activities, please contact rmccall@southpointe.ca